VLOG #2: Facing My Truth: A Candid Look Inside My Life's Struggles and Spiritual Quest

Posted by Kellie Johnsen on

Hey guys, it's Kellie.

Just dropped a new vlog and, oh boy, it's a doozy. I'm getting real about some heavy stuff that went down this past week. Seriously, it’s been a wild ride.

This vlog is super raw. I dive into my personal life, my relationships, and how all this chaos and my own beliefs are kinda shaking things up. It's not just my story though. I'm talking about what's going down in the world, how it's affecting all of us, and this whole spiritual journey I'm on.

So, dive into the vlog, let's talk about it, and figure out where we're all headed in this crazy world. Every bit of your support is like gold to me.

Thanks a million, and remember, we're in this together.

Stay strong,



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